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Part 1: Lisu Hill Tribe Amazing Singers

The amazing people of the Lisu Hill Tribe, in the north of Thailand, embrace mobile phone technology to express their tradition of storytelling through songs.

Never Seen Before

For hundreds of years, these amazing people have passed on their culture by singing songs. The story of the Lisu hill tribe's history alone takes a whole evening of ritual vocal celebration. Around 2002, as the cellular signal was reaching deeper and deeper into the valleys of northern Thailand's mountains. The amazing people of the Lisu hill tribe embraced this technology in a way that not even Nokia's smart engineers anticipated: Some of the Lisu tribe people purchased unlimited calling plans and started to sing and improvise to each other over mobile connections.

The Music here is Folk Lisu Hill Tribe Music, played and improvise with Khim (Thai Instrument) and Ukulele (Hawaiian Instrument)

Anybody who lives with the Lisu sees on special occasion, groups of people gather together with multiple cellular phones in speaker mode. Our free online documentary film unveils this never-seen-before tribal ritual.

Amazingly, in Part 1 there are four languages: Hebrew, Thai, Lisu and English. Subtitles in English are attached to all clips here.

In this amazing documentary film short, and the upcoming 1-hour expanded version, you can hear the beautiful Lisu hill tribe melodies and discover the surprising truth about how this tribe's innovation of "cellular singing" has both helped and hurt their traditional culture.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Part 2: Lisu Hill Tribe Amazing Hunters

Thailand: The amazing people of the Lisu Hill Tribe grow rice. They use a simple trap system to hunt birds that come to feed. It's amazing: all it takes is a few bottles and stones to fill their plates for the evening

Never Seen Before

Once a year, at the start of the rainy season, Asu and her nephew, Atapa, sow family rice. Like most of the Lisu tribe people in the north of Thailand, they grow mountain rice.
Birds feast on the rice as it grows. Two weeks before harvest, Asu and Atapa spend all day and all night in the rice field. They operate a simple and efficient system to scare and hunt the birds.
They build a shelter in the center of the field from which extends a network of string that reach every corner of the crop. Attached to the lines are bottles containing small stones. Noise is created where needed. When the birds come to feed, Asu pulls on the appropriate cord. The fleeing birds are then caught in the nets.
This amazing hunting system was common in the North of Thailand. Now you can usually find it only in remote mountain areas.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Part 3: Lisu Hill Tribe Amazing Asu

The story of an amazing hill tribe person named Asu. She grows rice, sews cloth and bags and sells them in Pai tourist market in Thailand. She is a single mother of six daughters, three grandchildren and she still has some
breath to sing!

Her husband died many years ago. Today she lives with some of her daughters, two grandchildren and Talila, another amazing person with an interesting life story. This clip is from a one hour documentary film, which will be released soon. The documentary movie will tell about the life of Talila and Asu- in the background you will see beautiful views of northern Thailand and its amazing people.

In the next few months, we will be releasing more documentary shorts about the amazing impact this new technology has had on the Lisu culture, and we'll also share with you some fascinating cultural profiles of every day Lisu life.

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