Lisu Hill Tribe Amazing Hunters

Thailand: The amazing people of the Lisu Hill Tribe grow rice. They use a simple trap system to hunt birds that come to feed. It’s amazing: all it takes is a few bottles and stones to fill their plates for the evening

Never Seen Before

Once a year, at the start of the rainy season, Asu and her nephew, Atapa, sow family rice. Like most of the Lisu tribe people in the north of Thailand, they grow mountain rice.
Birds feast on the rice as it grows. Two weeks before harvest, Asu and Atapa spend all day and all night in the rice field. They operate a simple and efficient system to scare and hunt the birds.
They build a shelter in the center of the field from which extends a network of string that reach every corner of the crop. Attached to the lines are bottles containing small stones. Noise is created where needed. When the birds come to feed, Asu pulls on the appropriate cord. The fleeing birds are then caught in the nets.
This amazing hunting system was common in the North of Thailand. Now you can usually find it only in remote mountain areas.